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GURPS Magic Items 3

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In The Chest You Find . . . A Vorpal Six-Gun?

Enchanted handguns . . . sorcerous spaceships . . . clockwork golems . . . from the Ice Age to the distant future, GURPS Magic Items 3 is full of intriguing and exciting artifacts for magical adventures. There are "generic" items, suitable for a range of settings, as well as creations specifically for popular game settings like GURPS Technomancer (available on e23), GURPS Steampunk (available on e23), and GURPS Warehouse 23!

Also included are:

  • Magic Items Across Time and Dimension - Guidelines for magic items at every tech level and in dozens of GURPS settings, including Secret Magic settings and the dark Post-Manaclysm future.
  • Alternate Enchantment Techniques - More weird and wonderful ways to create magic items, covering charms, sacred items, qabala, and magic-as-technology.
  • People and Organizations - More than a dozen new guilds, organizations, and corporations intimately involved in the magic item trade.
  • Plus a new reference table covering hundreds of "off the rack" magic items from GURPS Grimoire, and much more!

The GURPS Basic Set is required to use these items in a GURPS campaign, and GURPS Magic and GURPS Grimoire are recommended. The items in this book can be a source of inspiration for magical campaigns in any system.

Compiled by Jonathan Woodward.

First Edition, First Printing
Published February 2003