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GURPS Grimoire

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Magic Awaits

Mages struggle to probe the mysteries of life, death, time, and space. At last, we gather their magical knowledge together - GURPS Grimoire, the ultimate resource for would-be sorcerers and established mages. This indispensible rulebook gives new, powerful spells for all campaigns, from Ice Age epics to gritty cyberpunk slumcrawls.

GURPS Grimoire has over 400 new spells, as well as two new colleges. The adventurous - or desperate - can now manipulate time and space using Gate Magic. Savvy wizards stay current with Technology Magic, and give "machine power" and "rad" entirely new meaning!

Several new sub-colleges also add flexibility in dealing with weather, electricity, ice, and acid.

An expanded chart of spell prerequisites and a handy table for quick reference are included. And Scott Paul Maykrantz, author of GURPS Creatures Of The Night (available on e23), expands the GURPS Magic tables for generating Demons.

Open, then, and learn strange new wonders . . .

Written by Daniel U. Thibault and S. John Ross.

First Edition, Fourth Printing
Published March 2000