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GURPS Horror GM's Screen
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    1 gm screen, 1 GURPS Lite, 1 sheet of Cardboard Heros, 1 map

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG6417
    UPC / ISBN 1556345143
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Four cardstock pages are all that stand between you and your rabid players . . . On the front is the full-color art from the four new "Summer of Horror" covers, by Christopher Shy. On the back is a selection of GURPS charts and tables chosen especially for the Horror GM, with special attention to Fright Checks and magic. This screen is four panels in one solid piece (no two-panel bits to paper clip together!) with a durable gloss finish on both sides. Also included: a 17" x 22" floorplan of a deserted country farmhouse and a sheet of Cardboard Heroes miniatures . . . heavy on the zombies, because zombies always attack the farmhouse . . .