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The End Of History Is The Beginning

Explore a culture built upon the ruins of countless civilizations stretching back for countless millenia. Embrace a society where time travel is an everyday occurrence - but time is no longer measured.

Negotiate a world in which the mundane, the advanced, and the paranormal commingle freely - a place where the officer classes fight duels to the death using extraterrestrial flowers.

Envision a juncture in time where two potential futures hang in the balance: one a Golden Age of rebirth, the other an icy grave of permanent winter.

The New Sun Beckons

GURPS New Sun explores the world of the Book of the New Sun, the award-winning masterpiece of science fiction by Gene Wolfe.

GURPS New Sun chronicles the Age of the Autarch, a time past time, foreign and majestic. Its world of Urth reveals delicate beauty and savage brutality in a cynosure of technology and magery. Swords and lasers co-exist with clones and concubines, cowboys and Indians, knights and ladies, mechanical men and sailing starships.

GURPS New Sun also details the story of Severian, a common journeyman in the Torturers' Guild who rises to become the central figure in the Age of the Autarch - and in all of time itself.

Through it all, the reader will become familiar with the exotic language and patterns of thought that made the Book of the New Sun the landmark of science fiction that it is.

Tomorrow . . . Is Today

GURPS Basic Set, Compendium I: Character Creation, Magic and Ultra-Tech are required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Compendium II, Grimoire, Robots, Space and Time Travel are all recommended but not vital.

Written by Michael Andre-Driussi.

First Edition, First Printing
Published December 1999