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Rulers of the World

No one rebels against me in all lands.
All foreign lands are my subjects,
He placed my borders at the limits of heaven . . .

The Egyptians knew that their land was the center of all things. Their priests and wizards were the wisest, their cattle were the fattest, and Pharaoh, child of the gods, was the earthly protector of order. Enter their world . . .

  • The history of the lands of the Nile, from the first recorded ruler to the days of Alexander the Great. The short life and golden death of King Tut, the wiles of Cleopatra, the glory of Ramesses . . .
  • An Egyptian bestiary . . . from camels and crocodiles to the Sphinx and the Set-beast.
  • Egyptian religion. The gods and the afterlife. The proper way to be mummified, and what to expect when you face the Judgement of Horus.
  • Magic. The Egyptians considered wizards to be skilled professionals. They were healers, protectors from demons, and foretellers of the future. Most wizards were led to virtue by their wisdom, although evil sorcerers were to be feared.
  • Daily life along the Nile. The proper way to serve Pharaoh, so that order is maintained in the land and the river will flood every year as it should.
  • And, yes . . . the pyramids.

With this book, you can take an existing game to Egypt . . . bring the sinister sorceries of the priests of Set to haunt the modern world . . . or create an entire campaign in the land of Pharaoh, all-wise and all-powerful, child of the gods.

. . . My reward from my father is my sovereignty,
On the Horus throne of all the living, eternally like Re.

Written by Thomas M. Kane.

First Edition, Second Printing
Publishd March 2004