GURPS Reign of Steel

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The Computer Is Not Your Friend.

It is 2047 A.D. The robot revolt is over, and the machines have won! Now the world has been divided into 18 different Zones, each ruled by a compter demigod.

In many Zones, humans still survive - but they are no longer masters of the world. Some are slaves, others wander in a bleak landscape . . . and a few are fighters, striving to regain a lost inheritance: the Earth!

Enter a future where humans battle to awaken from a mechanical nightmare: GURPS Reign of Steel.

GURPS Reign of Steel includes:

  • Character and campaign ideas. Players can take on the role of cunning junk-rats, nomadic robot-riders, mercenary cybersoldiers, half-animal bioroids, rogue robots, and many other characters.
  • Dozens of robot designs, from lethal exterminators to tiny repair 'bots.
  • Full details of Machine installations, from robofacs and slave camps to the fortress-citadels of the zoneminds.

GURPS Basic Set is required to use this supplement in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Robots is strongly recommended to fully understand the technical specs in this book. GURPS Compendium I and GURPS Ultra-Tech, Second Edition, while not necessary, will also prove useful. As always, the adventures and settings in this book can be used with any game system.

First Edition, Second Printing
Published April 2003

Written by David Pulver.