GURPS Cthulhupunk

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Abort, Retry, Fhtagn?

Life in the One-and-Twenty just got a lot more complicated. If you're smart and fast, you might survive . . . for a little while.

GURPS CthulhuPunk adds a horrifying new dimension to the chrome-and-sweat battleground of GURPS Cyberworld. As if intelligent computers and razor-clawed cyborgs weren't enough . . . Great Cthulhu is coming.

Produced by permission of Chaosium, Inc., the chilling world of GURPS CthulhuPunk combines cyberpunk with the classic Cthulhu Mythos. In a corrupt and decaying world, the Mythos spawns horrors beyond imagining - and the technology of the 21st century offers new tools to mankind in its fight for life . . . and sanity.

Within these pages, discover:

  • GURPS statistics for the major creatures, spells, and books of Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Cthulhoid magic . . . and new cyberwear with the taint of the Elder Gods.
  • The GURPS Cyberworld background, seen through the lens of the Mythos. Why has the weather gotten so deadly? Why has the Bamboo Curtain closed again? And just what really happened to everyone in Australia?
  • Rules for converting Call of Cthulhu characters to GURPS - use all the great books from Chaosium.
  • Plus adventure seeds, to help launch a GURPS CthulhuPunk campaign!