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GURPS Faerie
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The Fair Folk

They lie, steal, kidnap, maim, and kill . . . and we put them in nurseries. They have been described as gods, demons, fallen angels, and ghosts - even aliens - but no one truly knows what they are. All through history, all around the world, they have been in the shadows, behind the trees, beneath the hills - and yes, even under the bed.

Some are pretty, delicate little people with gossamer wings. But others are ten feet tall with a taste for human flesh, or wizened horrors with blue skins and claws of iron. Some strike down those who unwittingly break their laws. Others kill just for fun.

GURPS Faerie is a complete guide to the Other Folk, covering traditions from around the world. It describes their magic and worlds, and provides templates for different faerie types and for the mortals who know them. You can incorporate the beautiful and sinister Fair Ones into almost any existing game setting, or create a new campaign set in the Unseelie Realms and beyond.

Just keep cold iron and scripture close to hand, believe the opposite of what you hear, and don't trust anything you see.

And whatever you do, don't eat their food.

First Edition, First Printing
Published October 2003

Written by Graeme Davis. Illustrated by Alex Fernandez.