GURPS Psionics

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Mind Over Matter

Spies and police who can read your thoughts. New Age mysticism merged with ultra-technology. Psychic vampires. Mass minds of terrible power. Telepathic computers. Gifted children killed or kidnapped by a power-mad government. This is the world of GURPS Psionics.

In Psionics you'll find:

  • Unified Rules - the psi systems from GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Supers combined into a complete, official whole.
  • New Abilities - including Mindswitch, Combat Teleport, psychic vampirism, and cyberpsi.
  • New Rules - featuring gestalts, group minds, latent psis, ghosts, psionic combat, and poltergeists.
  • Psionic Technology - two chapters of psionic equipment, including psychotronic weaponry, dreamscanners, and psionic computers - even psionic starship drives!
  • Campaign Advice - on smoothly integrating psi into other GURPS worldbooks, or designing your own psi campaign.
  • Complete Campaign Background - in which powerful psis struggle with secret government agencies and globe-spanning conspiracies in a world eerily like our own . . .

GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition and Compendium I: Character Creation are required to use this supplement in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Psionics is the ultimate sourcebook for psi powers. It includes a complete world background - and the GM can use it as a resource for campaigns in any background.

Written by David Pulver.