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GURPS Magic Items 1
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In the Chest You Find . . .

Enchanted swords . . . marvelous rings . . . animated armor . . . wands and staffs of devastating power.

There's something for everyone - swords and weapons, wizardly tools, thieves' supplies, clothing, jewelry, healing tools, necromantic items and curses, tricks and traps, and more!

GURPS Magic Items has hundreds of original and imaginative enchanted items for use in any campaign. From exotic trinkets and amusements to mighty artifacts of arcane wizardry, they're all here!

Also included are:

  • Discovering Magical Items - advice to GMs on getting magical treasure into the players hands . . . and out of them!
  • The Magic Trade - a guide to the economics of enchantment in a medieval fantasy world, including profiles of the typical enchanter, enchanter's patron, and magical merchant.
  • The Compleat Powerstone - everything you ever wanted to know about the enchantment and economics of powerstones, including tables for quick generation of the powerful gems.
  • . . . and handy reference tables to speed play.

Filled with anecdotes and inspiration, GURPS Magic Items is an invaluable resource for any Game Master.

Marvelous magic items await you! What are you waiting for? Grab your adventuring companions and go find them!

GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Magic are required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Fantasy (available on e23) and GURPS Fantasy Folk are referred to, but not needed. The wealth of ideas in Magic Items can be used in any fantasy roleplaying game.

Written by Chris W. McCubbin.

First Edition, Second Printing
Published March 1999