GURPS Uplift

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Second Edition

The Five Galaxies are a tough neighborhood ... and mankind is the new kid on the block.

Of the thousands of races in a galaxy full of aliens, ours is the only one that claims to have evolved on its own, without genetic engineering by a Patron species. With its own new clients - genetically modified dolphins and chimpanzees - upstart mankind faces a jealous universe. The ancient Patron clans can't decide whether to enslave the races of Terra ... or just wipe them out.

The Galactics have wealth, power, and incredible technology. The people of Earth have guts, originality and a handful of allies ... and they won't give up.

This is the universe created by David Brin for his award-winning Uplift series. GURPS Uplift includes complete descriptions of the important alien races, maps and descriptions of the Terragens planets, and rules for creating - and Uplifting - new species.

GURPS Uplift is intended for use with the GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Space. It may be used as a sourcebook for any roleplaying system, or as background for fans of the Uplift series.

Written by Stefan Jones.

Second Edition, First Printing
Published August 2003