GURPS High-Tech

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"My wish for something to serve my purpose is perfectly fulfilled . . . Wherefore I do honour to the machine and to its inventor." - D.H. Lawrence

It's All Here!

Weapons and equipment from the 14th century to the present. Whether you need to traverse the perilous jungles of Brazil, or stop a monster cold in its tracks, GURPS High-Tech has the gadget you need to get the job done!

High-Tech examines technology by period, from the rise of gunpowder (Tech Level 4) through the modern era (Tech Level 7), in enough detail to let players and GMs know what is available and feasible for each era. Subjects covered include:

  • Personal Weapons - From the matchlock musket to the assault rifle, High-Tech details over 100 guns, with detailed rules governing firearm operation.
  • Personal Armor - Many varieties of personal armor, including today's (and tomorrow's) high-protection combat vests. Dress for the occasion!
  • Heavy Weapons - From muzzle loaded cannons to computer-guided missiles, heavy weapons make a big impression.
  • Explosives - Everything from firecrackers to H-Bombs.
  • Communication and Vehicles - From the heliograph to the cellular phone, from the ox cart to the space shuttle . . . welcome to the global village.
  • Medicine - From bloodletting to laser surgery: a concise survey of medical techniques and capabilities through the ages.
  • Tools - The "don't leave home without them" devices of every period, from flint and steel to the transistor radio.

Know your options.
Choose your weapons.
And above all . . .

Be Prepared!

GURPS High-Tech is designed for use with the GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition. Aside from specific game stats, this sourcebook will be valuable to any roleplayer or Game Master. Descriptions have been made as detailed as possible and informative as possible, for easy conversion to any game system.

Written by Michael Hurst.

Third Edition, Second Printing
Published January 2001