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GURPS Supers
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More Than Human!

Costumed crusaders fighting against the forces of evil . . . monstrous villains terrorizing the world . . . your creations are limited only by your imagination! Duplicate your favorite comic-book hero, or design almost any super ability you can think of! Become a Blaster, hurling bolts of fire or lasers; a Ninja, blindingly fast and trained in the dark combat arts; or a Tank, strong enough to go toe-to-toe with a battleship.

Anything you can imagine, you can be!

GURPS Supers includes:

  • Rules for character creation, including detailed examples for first-time players. Create believable, well-rounded heroes and villains - not just caped cardboard cut-outs!
  • More than a dozen fully developed sample characters, all illustrated.
  • Over 30 pages of super advantages, disadvantages, powers, and skills.
  • Rules for creating new abilities.
  • Rules for running super combats at all levels of realism.
  • A Supers world where metahumans are society's guardians - and its worst foes.

GURPS Basic Set and Compendium I: Character Creation are required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Supers can also be used as a sourcebook for any roleplaying system.

Written by Loyd Blakenship.

Second Edition, Fifth Printing
Published November 2000