GURPS Bestiary

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Predators And Prey

No matter where or when your campaign is set - from prehistoric times to the jungles of modern Africa - GURPS Bestiary provides all the creatures of fact and fantasy you need to bring your world to life. So come on - take a walk on the wild side!

Inside this third edition, you'll find:

  • Complete descriptions of more than 150 real and imaginary creatures, from Antelope to Water Buffalo, from Agropelter to Yeti.
  • Expanded information for creating an animal character - how to build a racial template from bestiary stats and adapt the template to a character for your campaign.
  • Guidelines for using animals in your campaign, including detailed rules for hunting and trapping, venom, animals in combat, and animal companions.
  • Suggestions for inventing new creatures to keep players on their toes.
  • A complete set of habitat tables, showing where each species is most often found and giving their important stats at a glance.

GURPS Basic Set, and Compendium I: Character Creation are required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. GURPS Bestiary can also be used as a sourcebook for any roleplaying system.

Written by Steffan O'Sullivan.

Third Edition, First Printing
Published October 2000