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Feudal Japan. A different world.

Experience the rigid etiquette of the Emperor's court, the delicate beauty of the tea ceremony, and the savage pleasure of viewing the severed heads of your enemies. In this book, you'll find:

  • Character templates for samurai, ninja, warrior priests, geisha, elemental sorcerers, and more. Each template also features a sample character ready for adventure!
  • Racial packages for fox spirits, artifact spirits, long-necks, and vampiric gaki.
  • Rules for Japanese magic, with new spells, new elemental colleges, and notes on Asian alchemy.
  • New martial arts styles, from weapon arts like Miyamoto Musashi's Nito Ryu (School of Two Swords), to bajutsu (horsemanship) and suieijutsu (fighting in water), to the truly esoteric kiaijutsu (spirit harmony techniques).
  • Detailed background information on two historic eras, the Warring States Period (1467-1600) and the Late Tokugawa Era (1680-1868).

Stand on either side as the explorers from the West meet the ancient Empire of the Rising Sun. Magic and swordplay, power and poetry, beauty and terror - all await you in GURPS Japan!

Written by Lee Gold and Hunter Johnson.