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Munchkin Gazebo Shot Glass

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Munchkin is not a drinking game. Really.

But don't let that stop you from showing your love of Munchkin with the Munchkin Gazebo Shot Glass. These 1.5 oz glasses are black with the dreaded Gazebo in yellow.

As always, it has a rule!

Munchkin Gazebo Shot Glass Rule

The Munchkin Gazebo Shot Glass may be used in any Munchkin game or its sequels.

During any combat, you may drink one shot from the Munchkin Gazebo Shot Glass to throw the Potion of Gazebo Repro at the monster, making it look just like a Gazebo. The main player must fight alone. If that player already has a helper, the helper is kicked out of the combat with no penalty. You may only do this once per game.

* The owner of the Shot Glass is the sole judge of what liquid(s) will make up the Potion of Gazebo Repro.