Munchkin Level DieW23!

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Back in the Dark Ages, we made a set of ten-sided Munchkin Dice and they were awesome. Alas, they were expensive to make, so we regretfully let them go out of print. (We did reprint the cards as Munchkin Reloaded!)

Now, thanks to our friends at Pegasus Spiele, we're pleased to be able to offer six NEW Munchkin Dice. We have limited quantities of each color, and once they're gone, it's very unlikely that there will be any more -- EVER.

Each ten-sided die has the Munchkin head in place of the "10" space, so when you win the game, everyone will know that you are the ultimate Munchkin! And, sure, you can use these in place of the ten-siders in your other games, too.