Munchkin Birthday Cake Card

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    Folded greeting card and envelope.

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
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Kill the monsters. Steal the treasure. Wish your buddy a happy birthday!

It's Munchkin's 10th birthday! We're so happy that it's our birthday that we're wishing everyone else a happy birthday, too. And what better way to wish your buddies a happy "glad you're another year older" day than loot!

Munchkin Birthday Cake Card Rule

Show everyone this card so that they can confirm its rule.

If it is in fact your birthday today, draw one extra Treasure into your starting hand for every other player in the game. Be sure to thank them all for the lovely presents. You must be able to produce identification proving it is your birthday!

If it is not your birthday today, then it is Cheating to use this card... so this card lets you use one Item that you otherwise could not, just like a Cheat! card. However, because only little munchkins get cool presents, you cannot use this ability past Level 5 (Level 10 in Epic games).

Each player my only use one greeting card per game of Munchkin.