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Munchkin Zombies Water Bottle

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For those of us who like to get out and exercise . . . and for the rest of us, who are gamers . . . It's a metal water bottle with the Munchkin Zombies cover art, painted in a beautiful color we're calling Gan-Green, with a carabiner to clip it to your belt, backpack, bandolier, or whatever else you have handy. And it has a rule . . .

Download a printable rule sheet here

Munchkin Zombies Water Bottle Rules

You may use this bottle in any game of Munchkin or its sequels. It may be used during any combat.

1. Show everyone this sheet so they can read the rules.

2. The Munchkin Zombies Water Bottle contains three swallows of Zombie Juice. Each swallow gives +1 in combat. You must actually drink one swallow for each +1 you want. You may drink it all for one combat, to get +3, or spread it out between combats. If you use the Munchkin Zombies Water Bottle in a game of Munchkin Zombies, you may drink all three swallows at once for a +4 bonus in any combat (individual swallows still only count for +1 each). You may give swallows of your Zombie Juice to other players, but be careful not to share Munchkin germs, or you might lose a level.

3. After each swallow, mark off one of the three boxes below. When all three boxes are marked off, the bottle is empty for game purposes, though you should still finish all the Zombie Juice, because staying hydrated is good for you.