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Munchkin Zombies Sherpa Case

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$40.00 Out Of Print

The first Munchkin Sherpa was the rarest Munchkin item we have ever done -- we made 100, and gave most of them to our staff and our munchkinly friends. Lots of people let us know we should do another one, and that we should please make more than 100. So . . . shambling toward you now is the Munchkin Zombies Sherpa™!

This solid metal case turns a regular disposable pen or marker into a designer writing tool. The Munchkin Zombies Sherpa will last for YEARS. Unless you put it down and take your eyes off it. In that case, it will probably be gone in 60 seconds. It's that cool.

Rule: Once per game of Munchkin Zombies, the owner of the Munchkin Zombies Sherpa may declare that any monster is a Zombie (and therefore triggers the special Undead rule in Munchkin Zombies). He may do this in any player's combat, not just his own.

The Munchkin Zombies Sherpa is available in VERY limited quantities: We ran 250, but some of those were reserved for staff, prizes, and so on. Because it's a bigger print run than the original Munchkin Sherpa, it costs only $40. It includes a green marker. Get one now before they're gone!

We have a limited number of these, and the website can't track how many are sold. Live human beings have to do that, and it doesn't happen instantly. If we have 100 of these and you order the 101st, we will refund your money but we can't make a Sherpa appear for you.

Sherpa is a trademark of the Paradise Pen Company.