Munchkin Jumbo D6 W23!

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    Contains two 25mm six-sided dice with Munchkin art on all six faces (one munchkins, one monsters).

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG5523H
    Weight 0.2 lbs
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Bigger Is Better!

These super-sized 25mm six-siders are available in six different colors (conveniently matching the six player and monster colors from Munchkin Quest). Each pack has two jumbo dice -- a "Munchkin d6" and a "Monster d6," with classic John Kovalic art on every face.

Plus, every color comes with a unique pair of new Treasure cards (one each for Munchkin and Munchkin Quest) to keep you rolling those dice!

Note: There are also six colors exclusively available at Warehouse 23, but these do NOT come with cards.