Munchkin 2011 Christmas Coins

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If your holiday plans include some quality gaming time . . . you want these Munchkin coins! With a green and a red Munchkin coin in each pack -- and the special rules below -- you'll be on Santa's nice list year-round! (We made a limited number of these sets, and when they're gone, they're gone forever . . . so don't get caught sleeping!)

Munchkin Christmas Coin Rules

1) Every month, the Munchkin Silver Piece rule changes, so go here to make sure you have the most current rule! (We put the URL right on the coins for your convenience.) The Christmas coins use this rule (but see rule 3, below).

2) You may use BOTH Christmas coins during the game, once apiece, and you are not required to give up the Christmas coins even if the rule says you do.

3) Rules 1 and 2 are suspended between December 25 and January 5. Instead, each coin is an unstealable one-shot item: the red coin's bonus increases from +1 on December 25 to +12 on January 5, and the green coin's bonus decreases from +12 on December 25 to +1 on January 5.

4) As an extra bonus, when you use the red Christmas coin, draw a face-down Door, and when you use the green Christmas coin, draw a face-down Treasure. You may put these in play immediately, even during combat.