Pyramid #3/36: Dungeon Fantasy W23!

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Go Underground!

This crypt has been sealed for thousands of years. Do you dare disturb it? Of course! This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- takes an in-depth look at dungeon fantasy, with a special emphasis on GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. This gateway to adventure leads you to:

  • "The Demolisher," an explosive new template written by GURPS Dungeon Fantasy architect Sean Punch. This dwarven hero relies on things that go BOOM to get the job done.
  • "Dungeon Saints," a look at how to bring the soul-searching system from GURPS Powers: Divine Favor into a Dungeon Fantasy campaign. If you think you don't have a prayer, think again!
  • "The Musketeer," written by GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables author Matt Riggsby. This Dungeon Fantasy template is calm when looking at the barrel of a gun . . . mostly because he's the one holding it!
  • "The Horrific Dungeon," this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Fourth Edition co-author David Pulver. Look no further to give the creepy-crawlies to dungeon-crawlers!
  • "Powering Up: Imbuements," describing how to more fully bring GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements into a Dungeon Fantasy campaign. If you're looking for more power, here's a bright idea!
  • "Historically Rich Dungeons," a systemless look at how to make any dungeon crawl a trip through time.
  • "All Charged Up Over Magic Items," another offering from GURPS guru Sean Punch. This short piece will have you creating limited-use magic items in no time.

This Pyramid also presents Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, a Murphy's Rules that will drive the ghouls crazy, and more. Pick up this issue and take home the best loot around!

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Written by Sean Punch / David L. Pulver / Matt Riggsby / Steven Marsh / Antoni Ten Monros / W.A. Frick / J. Edward Tremlett