Pyramid #3/20: Infinite WorldsW23!

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In an infinite universe, the possibilities are endless -- and when we're talking about the GURPS Infinite Worlds setting, that goes double! This month, Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- explores the unending possibilities. This issue includes:

  • "Infinite Teleportation," a slew of new abilities presented by Jason "PK" Levine for mental masters using the GURPS Psionic Powers system. Although there are a few tricks specific to the Infinite Worlds, many of these abilities are useful anywhere -- including the power to leave a teleport "tunnel" behind you, move preternaturally out of the way of projectiles, or translocate equipment into your hand from any distance!
  • "Roma Universalis," a strange setting where Romans use impossible ships to sail the solar system. All roads lead to Rome -- even those traveled by Venusian warriors and Martian scientists!
  • "The Red Rockets' Glare," an alternate timeline where the Soviets were more successful in space exploration than the Americans. Red sky in morning foretells a great warning . . .
  • "Cyberme," a near-future world where impossible anime tropes collide with gritty cyberpunk realities, creating a strange society. It includes GURPS rules for Cyberme battlesuits, vampires, and cat people!
  • "More Hell Parallels," a sampling of four places where folks are dying to escape! Written by Stephen Dedman (GURPS Dinosaurs), this collection includes zombies, super-fast mutants, and post-apocalyptic punks.

In addition, this jam-packed Pyramid also has the usual crossworld contributions: Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, and other odds and ends. With this issue, there's no time like the present to plan the future!