Pyramid #3/14: Martial Arts W23!

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With this month's issue of Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- we leap into action with the theme of "Martial Arts." This action-packed installment includes:

  • "Hardcore," a modern-day GURPS Martial Arts adventure designed for a group of high-octane investigators looking to break up an illegal underground fighting club run by a two-fisted Femme Fatale. Do they infiltrate as one of the fighters, con their way in as part of the audience, or chart another course? Written by Stephen Dedman, coauthor of GURPS Martial Arts Adventures.
  • "The Three Brothers Schools of Martial Arts," a description of three GURPS Martial Arts styles conceived by brothers with the means, motive, and martial method to bring mayhem to the city. Though designed for modern-day campaigns, these styles can be incorporated into almost any past or future setting that includes feuding brothers.
  • "Fight While in Flight," five new GURPS Martial Arts styles that provide furious-fisted feats for those not constrained to two feet on the ground. Whether you're a super-hero flyer, a winged wonder, or the rider of a flying mount, you'll find something here that gives you an eagle-eyed edge.
  • "The Groom of the Spider Princess," an epic campaign-adventure that combines wuxia with Lovecraftian horror into something awful and awesome. This tale, suitable for any system that can handle wire-flying fighters and fearsome foes, starts with a wedding and ends with a bargain. In between, there are a lot of spidery threats.

In addition, Pyramid also provides plenty of bits that make a magazine fun: a card-based system to devise off-the-cuff tournaments, Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, a short encounter set on unstable ground, and other odds and ends. Whether you're a sure-footed student or a martial-arts master, this issue of Pyramid is more satisfying than a last-second knockout!

Written by Steven Marsh / Kelly Pedersen / Alan Leddon / J. Edward Tremlett / Stephen Dedman