Pyramid #3/08: Cliffhangers W23!

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In this issue of Pyramid, the PDF magazine for roleplayers, our theme is "Cliffhangers"! Travel back in time to the 1930s with 45 action-packed pages of pulse-pounding gaming goodness! In this issue:

  • Dust off your dossier with help from chisel-chinned GURPS mastermind Sean Punch's "Pulp Action"! Use the rules of GURPS Action in a cliffhanger campaign with these new and modified templates, lenses, and rules. After all, what are the pulps without Action?
  • Travel with gallivanting globetrotter Matt Riggsby (GURPS Renaissance Florence) as he presents a full GURPS adventure! This two-fisted tale will face heroes off against a maddening mystery: Who – or what – are the "Air Devils of the South Seas"?
  • Prowl with prolific Pyramid penman J. Edward Tremlett, as he presents a generic adventure outline that will take explorers around the world to face a potentially life-ending threat. Where angels fear to tread, heroes rush "Into the Temple of the Hungry Star"!
  • Keep tabs on your adventurers and their exploits with the "Cliffhanger Country Checklist"!

In addition, Pyramid serves up more goodies that make a magazine fun, including odds and ends, Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, reviews and recommendations that fit the theme, and a "Last Word," where we ask an industry luminary to pick a word or phrase related to the issue's theme. This month, Leonard Balsera – coauthor of the critically acclaimed Spirit of the Century – gives us the last word on cliffhangers!

Written by Sean Punch / Matt Riggsby / Steven Marsh / Andy Vetromile / Matthew Pook / J. Edward Tremlett