Caravan to Ein Arris

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The city is buzzing when Halmaro the Red, the head of the Merchants' Guild, organizes the greatest caravan the world has ever seen to deliver his daughter . . . and her fabulous dowry . . . to Ein Arris for her wedding. There is a wealth of opportunity for resourceful adventurers whose wits are as keen as their swords -- are you one of them?

Caravan to Ein Arris was originally published in the GURPS Basic Set, in the pre-revision Third Edition. It has been out of print for years, but now is back in PDF form. Ein Arris is a wonderful introductory adventure for the GURPS system, and best of all . . . it's free!

That's right, Caravan to Ein Arris is one of the free samples we're giving away to show off just how cool e23, our online store for PDFs and other downloads, is. So fire up your computer and give it a spin, and take the Caravan to Ein Arris!

Written by Creede Lambard / Sharleen Lambard