GURPS Traveller: Flare Star W23!

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Unexplored star systems always promise untold wealth. But the system the crew of one far trader is currently exploring has shown the other side of the balance sheet. There is nothing of value here.

Until they detect the Other . . .

Flare Star is an adventure for GURPS Traveller 2/e where a derelict alien vessel leads the crew of a far trader to a planet filled with danger . . . and opportunity. Flare Star originally appeared in four consecutive issues of Space Gamer magazine. It has also appeared in the Journal of the Traveller Aid Society online. But best of all . . . it's free!

That's right, Flare Star is one of the free samples we're giving away to show off just how cool e23, our online store for PDFs and other downloads, is. So fire up your computer and give Flare Star a try!

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Written by J. Andrew Keith / William H. Keith, Jr.