Munchkin Master's Screen

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    4 panel screen, 12 page adventure, 1 sheet Cardboard Heroes

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
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Stealth: It's Not Just for Players Anymore

Tired of your every plan being exposed? Sick of not being able to fudge die rolls? Ever think that all you really need is just a few more tables? Fear not, O wise Master of Munchkins - salivation is at hand!

The Munchkin Master's Screen contains everything you might need to run a Munchkin game while hiding your true plans from your players. It's got Munchkin Cardboard Heroes miniature figures. It has Jeff Tidball's brilliant adventure, The Village of Omelet: A Space Odyssey. And it has tables . . . lots of tables. All the tables you could ever hope to use . . . and probably a couple you hope not to.

This is the accessory you never knew you needed . . . until now!

Special note to players: Buying the Munchkin Master's Screen for your DM earns you 10,000 XP. Really. It says so inside.

The Munchkin Master's Screen requires at least one copy of every Munchkin book for use. Even the ones we haven't thought of yet. And the card games, too. It's just that good.

Illustrated by John Kovalic.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.