1976 Ogre Playtest Booklet

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    20 pages (including the cover, back cover, and inside covers)

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG3014
    UPC / ISBN 978-1-55634-946-1
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What an incredible treat!

Dated November 4, 1976, this is Steve's typewritten playtest set for the original Ogre game. We've scanned the pages and have presented them exactly as the marked copies appear. Have you wanted a look at Ogre in its pre-publication form? This is your chance to add an unusual collectible to your Ogre library!

"This is a reproduction of an actual surviving Ogre playtest set from 1976. It consists of the rules (typed on typewriter – no word processors yet!), the map (hand-drawn by me, with the sophisticated graphics talent for which I am NOT famous), and the game counters (also hand-made by me)." 

- Steve Jackson, from the introduction (written in 2021)

First introduced in a 2021 Kickstarter, this is a great companion to the Illuminated Manuscript!