Suppressed Transmission 2

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Connection Established. Commencing Transmission . . .

Kenneth Hite is back! He's ducked under the governments radar, evaded the mind-control lasers, and outwitted Illuminati surveillance to present 34 more selections from his weekly column in Pyramid Magazine. Every chapter has been annotated (including references to the first Suppressed Transmission, where appropriate), and there's an extensive conspiratorial glossary.

Hike through "History on the Rocks." Amuse your children with "An Alternate-Historical Alphabet." Turn the pages of the "Frankenstein Family Album." Try to map "The Fractal Valley." And, since not everything works out for the best, explore "Things to Do in Gaming When You're Dead."

"Suppressed Transmission is an entertaining romp through the borderlands of history, conspiracy, and magic - Kenneth Hite takes all the good parts out of the books THEY don't want you to read, and juggles them together at mind-bending speed."
David Hatcher Childress, author/explorer

First Edition, First Printing
Published September 2000

Written by Kenneth Hite.