Principia Discordia

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or, How I Found the Goddess, and What I Did to Her When I Found Her.
Wherein is explained absolutely everything worth knowing about absolutely anything.

This Is Not A Book.

Hail Eris! All hail Discordia!

This little book is the bible of Discordianism . . . the worship of Eris, the goddess of Chaos. Many have said that the Principia Discordia is impossible to find. But if that's true, what are you looking at, a cabbage?

First I must sprinkle you with fairy dust.

Question authority. All Discordians are prohibited from believing anything they read. Including this. Learn about The Law of Fives, The Gospel According to Fred, The Epistle to the Paranoids, St. Gulik, The Sacred Chao, The Book of Uterus, The Curse of Greyface, and how to start your own Discordian cabal.


This great "cult classic" first appeared in 1965. This new edition was published by Steve Jackson, creator of the Illuminati game, as a tribute to the first Discordians. It adds 20 pages of new material, as revealed by Eris to her faithful worshipers when they probably should have been mowing the lawn or something.

WARNING: This book contains subversive truths, absurd lies, guerrilla philosophy, and several very naughty words. Open mind before reading!

These questions and answers are false.

Q: Is Eris true?
A. Everything is true.
Q. Even false things?
A. Even false things are true.
Q. How can that be?
A. I don't know, man. I didn't do it!

100% Discordian Catma

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Written by Thinkers
Illustrated by Doers
Designed by Triers
Printed by Printers