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Midville, Ohio, used to be a nice, sleepy little mid-American town. But that was before the cycle gangs came . . . and left with their tails between their legs! Now, thanks to UBN's hit show Crash City, it's famous -- and all the Crash City fans are showing up to see if Midville is really "The Toughest Little Town in America."

Midville has a rep to protect. If you're a visitor, you'll get the right hand of friendship extended in a neighborly fashion. If you're a biker or some other troublemaker, watch out. The MONDOs are the toughest neighborhood-watch team this side of the Texas Rangers!

But if you're looking for action, Midville is the place. If it isn't an over-exuberant Crash City fan shooting up downtown, it's a full-scale battle between MONDOs and whoever happens to be closest!

Midville gives you a look at a not-so-typical small town of the 2040s. Inside you'll find:

  • A 24-page rulebook with background, descriptions, and scenarios
  • Four 21" × 32" maps, which can be used on their own or with maps from Car Wars Deluxe Edition or Boat Wars
  • An 8" × 10" full-color counter sheet containing everything from duelling teams to city vehicles

Some of this material appeared in Crash City, Car Wars Expansion Set 3 and other Car Wars products.

The maps for this supplement were originally printed on oversized paper, so this PDF contains two formats: the original map size, for those with access to oversize printers, and modified versions that span multiple regular sheets.

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Written by Charles Oines