The AADA Vehicle Guide

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Know Your Enemy

Gone are the days when every armed car on the road was either a custom job or one of a half-dozen standard makes. Today, hundreds of models of passenger cars and trucks come factory-equipped for autoduelling . . . to say nothing of the ever-growing number of well-armed commercial carriers and helicopters. You need information to stay alive. You need The AADA Vehicle Guide.

The AADA Vehicle Guide includes:

  • 129 Car Wars vehicle designs -- each fully described and illustrated
  • 133 options -- for a total of 262 complete vehicles
  • An index of Car Wars weapons and gadgets
  • Hints on customizing your vehicles
  • Rules for Off-Road combat
  • Complete design and combat rules for another Car Wars vehicle type . . . the killer three-wheelers!

Forewarned is forearmed. With The AADA Vehicle Guide, you've got the facts to make tracks. Keep alert and stay alive!

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Written by Scott Haring / Jim Gould