GURPS Traveller Classic: Nobles

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Lords of the Stars

From the Imperial family to the lowest knight; from the fantastically wealthy duchess on her private estate world to the impoverished baronet whobarely has a Free Trader's bunk to call his own; from the archduke who governshundreds of worlds to the knight with no formal duties -- inTraveller, the aristocracy plays a majorrole in society, in government, and in the military.

Would you like to serve one of the Imperium's nobles . . . or be one?GURPS Traveller: Nobles details thelifestyle, fortunes, duties, and responsibilities of the nobility in the Third Imperium, the Vilani ruling class at the height of the ZiruSirka, and the Darrian and Zhodani systems.

Nobles contains:

  • A close-up look at the most powerful people in the <ahref="">GURPS Traveller universe, with complete <ahref="">GURPS stats for 13 major characters -- including Emperor Strephon andEmpress Iolanthe -- and capsule biographies of many others.
  • Deck plans for the Wanderer-class yacht, the Midas-class courier, and the Condor-classracing yacht -- plus floor plans of mansions and private getaways.
  • Details on life in the Imperial Palace . . . wealth, power,danger, and intrigue. If your Travellercampaign aims for real power, here's where it will climax.

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of aGURPS Third Editionproduct.)

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Written by Loren K. Wiseman / Jon F. Zeigler