GURPS Traveller Classic: Star Mercs

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Prepare for War . . .

. . . with Star Mercs. Everything you need for a star-spanning, military-oriented campaign in the Traveller universe is here!

  • Experience combat (and a soldier's life) in the 57th century.
  • Learn how to recruit, organize, and equip a mercenary unit.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Imperial rules of war.
  • Get the edge with discourses on strategy and tactics.
  • Arm your troops from a comprehensive list of weapons and other tools of the soldier's trade.

Star Mercs also includes deck plans for the 800-ton Broadsword-class mercenary cruiser, templates for military and mercenary soldier characters, sample missions, and a variety of units and NPC personalities your mercenary group might encounter, including the famed and feared Imperial Marines. Face front, soldier!

This is the Big One!

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

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Written by Martin J. Dougherty / Neil Frier