Fantasy Gamer #3

( 7 )

Are you terrified by Fantasy Gamer #3 (cover date December-January 1984)? You should be; it's scary how fun this issue is!

In addition to the regular game reviews, news, and letters, this issue features "The Thing in the Darkness," a 19-page solo adventure designed for Call of Cthulhu (with guidelines for converting to other games). Can you solve the mystery of the missing girl -- with your body and soul intact?

This issue also includes a meaty short story -- "Mirrors of the Soul" -- about a private eye facing the forces of darkness; guidelines on how to turn two-player games into solo experiences; the strangler class for Dungeons & Dragons; an in-depth review by Steve Jackson of the Lost Worlds one-on-one fighting books; and more.

Whether you're a fan of old-school gaming or a historian of our hobby, each issue of Fantasy Gamer is the perfect portal to the past!

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