Revolution! - The Palace

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    Bag with header, with 50 wooden cubes, 20 chipboard counters, six sets of bidding boards, two screens, rulesheet, and the Palace, a chipboard overlay for the gameboard.

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
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Welcome to The Palace!

In Revolution!, three or four players matched wits. Now, with The Palace, up to six can join the bribing, blackmailing, and backstabbing!

The Palace is a new location which fits on the Revolution! board. It's worth 55 Support at the end of the game, and has a special space: the Guardhouse. The player who controls the Guardhouse is immune to the Spy and the Apothecary!

Also included are six new bidding boards, adding four new characters. The Viceroy controls the Palace. The Messenger moves your influence cubes from their location to any unoccupied space. The Mayor influences any open space. The Constable rewards a winning bid with a bit of Support and Blackmail.

This expansion also includes purple and orange blocks, bidding shields, and score tokens for the fifth and sixth players.

The Palace increases the maximum number of Revolution! players to six. The new rules can be taught in minutes, and a complete game still takes less than an hour.