Frag Gold Edition

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    112 cards, rules, board, counters, 6 pawns, marker, 18 dice,

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG1901
    UPC / ISBN 9781556347740
    Player Count 2-6 players
    Play Time 1 hour
    Weight 4.5 lbs
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Game starts. Enemy in sight . . . Frag him! Grab his stuff! Run! Get a bigger gun! Grab some armor! There he is again! Frag him! Run . . . you're hit! You're down. Respawn! Grab a weapon! Start again!

Frag is a computer game without a computer -- a "first-person shooter" on a tabletop. Move your fighter and frag your foes. Draw cards for weapons, armor, and gadgets. Move through the blood spatters to restore your own health! If you die, you respawn and come back shooting!

The new Gold Edition offers upgraded components: a two-sided solid gameboard, plastic figures, erasable character cards, and 18 (!!) dice, to roll really BIG attacks.

For 2-6 players
About one hour

Designed by Philip Reed.