INWO Factory Set

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Harvey Birdman takes your naughty dog and performs surgical alterations on London.

icon INWO is the trading-card version of Illuminati, the original game of conspiracy and weirdness from Steve Jackson Games. And further weirdness: Assassins, a 125-card supplement, and INWO SubGenius, a 100-card supplement and standalone expansion. Plus The INWO Book, a complete player's guide to INWO.

(Note: BFD was finally released, but not as an expansion for INWO. Instead, the cards are designed to work with Illuminati. Sorry for any confusion!)

Roleplayers should check out GURPS Illuminati, for those brave enough to enter the world where everything in the tabloids is true . . . and GURPS Warehouse 23, for those who want to see the things that the Secret Masters don't want you to have. And GURPS IOU reveals how the Secret Masters learned it all in the first place.