Munchkin Miniatures: Unnatural Axe Warrior Wench

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    1 unpackaged Unnatural Axe Warrior Wench

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG16-2102
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An individual Unnatural Axe Warrior Wench figure, the same model that is included in Munchkin Miniatures.

Kill the monsters, grab the loot, and stab your friends . . . in 3-D! This hilarious metal mini is sculpted by Richard Kerr, based on John Kovalic's cartoons. Use it for ANY roleplaying game where you're going to munchkin out!

There are six figures: the Original Super Munchkin with hammer and chainsaw, the Unnatural Axe Warrior Wench, the Spiky Armor Paladin, the Leather Armor Babe, the Killer Cleric, and the hairy-footed Halfling Wizard!

This is a single unpackaged, unpainted metal miniature in 28mm scale. It is shipped in a ziplock bag, along with any other miniatures ordered.