Munchkin Dice

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How do you keep track of your level?

  • Pretty glass stones? Great, until your friends steal them when you're not looking.
  • Candy? Great, until your friends EAT them when you're not looking.
  • Coins? Great, until your friends steal them and buy candy which they eat when you ARE looking.

You could just "remember" your level, but would you trust some other Munchkin who tried that?

Or you could just use a good old 10-sided die. If you can read it across the table. So . . . Here we go. Six BIG 10-siders - all different colors! They all have the victorious Super Munchkin's face in place of the "0". When you reach Level 10 and claim your victory, everyone will see that YOU are the ultimate Munchkin!

And new dice just cry out for a new random-results table. So here it is. You'll like it. It's evil!

And finally, there are 14 brand-new, never-before-seen Munchkin cards to make your character even more overpowered. Try adding "Master" to your Class, earning you extra Treasure! Or become a "High" or "Dark" member of your Race!

These cards are illustrated by John Kovalic, except for "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies," which features guest art from Something Positive's R.K. Milholland.