Chez Guevara

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    112 cards, rules

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG1392
    UPC / ISBN 1556347545
    Player Count 2-5 players
    Play Time 1 hour
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Warning: This game is intended for adult audiences. No actual maturity required.

The Glorious Leader is Revolting!

And so are you, in this new spin on the award-winning Chez Geek! Instead of roommates, you and your friends are grubby, desperate guerrillas, struggling for survival, freedom, and slack in the stinking jungle!

The food is bad, everybody is shooting at you, and the Leader is nuts. But it could be worse... and it probably will be. Harass those of lower Rank by having them Dig Holes, inflicting KP on them... and then having them Fill in Holes. Raid the locals for supplies. Avoid being Denounced. Spend your money and precious time to gather enough Slack to escape back to civilization.

Chez Guevara is a stand-alone game, but if you know how to play Chez Geek, you'll be revolting in no time!

For 2-5 Players.

Developed by Steve Jackson. Based on Chez Geek, designed by Jon Darbro. Art by Greg Hyland.