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Strange Synergy
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    112 cards, rules, warrior stand-ups, bases, game map, counters, 1 die

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
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    UPC / ISBN 1556347073
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Choose your warriors. Assign them their Powers, from Acrobatic Evasion to Zorch Ball. Then go out and smite your foes, before they smite you.

Strange Synergy is built around 100 different Power Cards . . . super-powers, mutations, skills, gadgets. Draw nine cards, and divide them between your warriors. You choose the combination! Do you want three strong fighters, or two wimps and one hyper-abusive combat monster? Can you create the unbeatable team? Can your skilled play defeat superior powers?

No two games are the same. How many ways can you make four different teams of three warriors? The mind boggles. Then we did the math. The number of ways you can make four starting teams of three warriors is . . . get ready . . .


Designed by Mark Ahlquist and Brian Stormont.

For 2 to 4 players.
Playing time: 45 minutes and up.