Chez Geek 3 - Block Party

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This Is Your Life!

56 more cards for Chez Geek! More people coming to hang out . . . more crummy jobs . . . more pets, more stupid things to do, more food and nookie! Three of the cards are blank so you can make the game fit your life exactly . . .

Special bonus: The box is way oversized, to hold ALL your Chez Geek cards. The outside of the box shows the Chez Geek apartment building . . . take the lid off, and the inner box shows what's happening INSIDE . . .

This is not a stand-alone game. Chez Geek is required for play.

Warning: This game intended for adult audiences. No actual maturity required.

Original design by Jon Darbro. Developed by Alain H. Dawson.