Chez Geek 2 - Slack Attack

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Warning: This game is intended for adult audiences. No actual maturity required.

Chez Geek: House Party Edition

More of Everything!

Do you love Chez Geek? Sure, we all do! This expansion deck gives you 55 more cards of Slack and slackers to add to the original award-winning game. More Sleep! More Nookie! More People that you want to get rid of! Slack Attack also includes blank cards so you can customize your deck. Add your own Job, create a Thing, or invent your own Whenever card to stump your roommates. So turn off the TV and put down that mouse - it's time to play Chez Geek 2: Slack Attack!

This is an expansion for Chez Geek. It is not a stand-along game.

Designed by Jon Darbro.