Tile Chess

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Chess Breaks Free Of The Board!

Up To Six Players!
No Board!
No Borders!

From the publishers of Knightmare Chess comes the most exciting new chess variant yet.

In Tile Chess, the traditional chess pieces move across a virtual "board" of ever-changing size and shape. Strategy becomes more complex; as you conquer each of your opponents, you take over their pieces! To win, you'll have to think outside the board . . .

Tile Chess is designed for 2 to 6 players. It's even more portable than chess - there is no board, and the tiles will fit in a pocket. You can play on a table, a bar, the floor . . . wherever you like.

This set contains six sets of 16 tiles each, plus complete rules . . . enough for one large game, two smaller ones, or three 2-player games at once. An understanding of the basic moves of chess is required for play.