Hacker Deluxe Edition

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You Are the Net Ninja!

Surf through the net, invading one system after the next. Find back doors and secret phone lines . . . crash the systems your rivals are using . . . and beware of the Secret Service raid. Three busts and you're out of the game . . .

In 1990, the Secret Service went on a "hacker hunt" . . . right through the Steve Jackson Games office. The agents took computers, printers, hard drives, at least one pocket calculator, over 300 floppy disks, and the whole Illuminati BBS.

In 1992, we made a game out of it. Hacker satirized the Secret Service, the hackers, the phone company, and (almost) the whole Net.

(In 1993, with the help of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, we won our lawsuit against the Secret Service. See the whole story.)

Now you can be the kind of hacker the Secret Service thought WE were. For 2 to 6 players: complete rules, 165 cards, and massive quantities of counters and other cardboard bits representing consoles, upgrades, virus infections, and the coveted title of Net Ninja!

Includes cards and rules from both the original Hacker and the supplement Hacker: The Dark Side.

Designed by Steve Jackson.