The Fantasy Trip: Foes – Long Lankin

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    STL files for 2 figures (and bases) plus a 9-page PDF in a single Zip file.

    File Size 48.5 MB ZIP
    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG13-3001E
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A gaunt 9-foot stalker of the night with a taste for human flesh, Long Lankin also has the right size and appearance for a lesser demon. This set includes both the 32mm scale Long Lankin and a double-sized version, supported and with extra-large base, for use as a display piece. These are highly detailed 32mm scale STL files for resin printing. Includes both unsupported and presupported versions, plus files for different bases and a PDF with lore and hints on printing and painting.

Long Lankin stands 49mm tall to the top spine, or 44mm to the forehead.