Monsters Miniatures: Dragons - Valor and Snarl

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Dragons Rule!

They're the ultimate power in any fantasy game, the stuff of legends - the mighty dragons. And now sculptor extraordinaire Richard Kerr has worked his magic and brought gorgeous, fearsome dragons to Steve Jackson Games' line of miniatures.

Snarl and Valor are for play as well as display. They're sized for the game table . . . each one is about 6" long and stands 3/4" to 1 1/2" high, depending on neck pose. And these two dragons are completely modular. You can mix and match bodies, wings, necks, and heads for dozens of different possibilities.

Also included is an extra neck, allowing you to create whatever poses suit you: proud and talkative, sneaky and stalking, or fire-breathing rage!

Sculpted by Richard Kerr.